Anni is one of the world's leading female juggling performers. Her acts inspire audiences worldwide from Europe to the United States, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Gabun, and Mexico.

Originally born in Bonn (D) in 1988, Anni started juggling at the age of 14. She received a Bachelor's degree at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (NL) in 2013. Her striking juggling style soon gained recognition in the juggling scene and beyond.

Anni has since been performing her solo work on stages across the globe. Most recently she was part of the show "Duel Reality" by the Canadian circus company "The 7 Fingers".




Anni's acts are shaped by conceptual ideas coming from Performance Art and convince with high skills and a charming, authentic stage character. As a versatile performer with solid knowledge in theater, dance and music Anni has been participating in different productions around Europe.



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