Tales of mere existence

a theatrical circus piece full of performance power

"Tales..." is a one-woman show that is set in a lovingly detailed universe between juggling and absurdity. In a quirky yet charming way the juggler gets roped into all sorts of challenges. With sheer joy, a dose of elegance and some self-irony, she twists both the audience and those tricky situations around her finger. 

Come join Anni on a 30-minute adventure into this quirky universe that unfolds from out of one single box. Be bedazzled by breathtaking juggling and smirk smuggly when discovering the delightful details in this show. 

Anni's vibrant and sincere character lets hearts and chocolate melt like icecream in the sun.


For indoors and open air! --> Streetshow Trailer below. 

visual juggling performance without words
recommended audience: 10+
duration: ~25 minutes


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