Anni teaches specialised workshops in juggling technique and creative research. They are suitable for jugglers who bring basic knowledge and want to dig deeper into their technique and art.
Anni's teaching is geared to facilitate students to find their own technical "vocabulary" through tools and concepts. Her classes usually combine technique, movement and creative work. 


Topics are amongst other:

  • Club Manipulation 
  • Improving juggling practice (body posture an practice tools)
  • Multiplexes with clubs
  • Out of the box - concepts for jugglers (research tools)
  • Foot Juggling

Duration: anything from a 1,5h quick boost to a week-long masterclass

Teaching languages: German, English, French

Number of participants: 10-15 persons max


Anni's teaching is geared to the means of Performance Art. The coaching orientates itself on its conceptuality and its obligation for authenticity.

The coaching embraces amongst other:

  • exploration of the relation between body and object
  • building juggling routines
  • stage presence
  • authenticity on stage
  • concept development

Duration: flexible training hours according to your needs

Teaching languages: German, English, French

Number of participants: one on one coaching or small group with same skill level


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