Workshop "Juggling for Beginners"

This workshop is suitable for children and adults!


Juggling is fun... and much more!

Scientific studies proof that juggling helps connecting both brain hemispheres. It develops coordination and concentration capacity. Interactive juggling also supports the ability to cooperate in a group.


Anni Küpper - Juggler & Performer
Anni Küpper - Juggler & Performer

foto: Anni Küpper

Anybody can learn to juggle!
This workshop teaches basic juggling techniques with balls and clubs. A smart lesson plan makes juggling accessible for everyone and guides you through the first steps - all the way towards 3 object juggling!
Depending on the skill level of the participants more challenging tricks can be taught as well as interactive juggling - like passing and picking.


Duration: 1,5 - 2h

Teaching languages: German, English, French

Number of participants: up to 30 persons

Kids should be of the same age group 


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